Home Additions

Additions To Fit Your Lifestyle

Life happens and your home should reflect the many changes you experience. If you’re expecting a new baby, additional bedrooms or bathrooms can accommodate new members of the family. Need an area to organize your laundry? We can add a luxurious laundry room so everything stays clean. Want more storage space? Our team can add closets and extra storage solutions to meet the needs of your growing family. However you want to expand your home, the home renovation team at Coastal Development Partners can make happen.

It’s time to seek out the help of our experienced general contractors we deliver stunning home additions to meet the needs of you and your family. Contact us today to schedule a consultation or to learn more about all the services we provide for homeowners in Palmetto Bluff or Savannah.

Bedroom Additions

If you’re anticipating someone new moving in, adding a bedroom ensures everyone has a space to grow and feel comfortable. Our team can work with you to select a bedroom design that aligns with the feel of your home. Whether you need a small nursery or a full master-suite, our home remodeling team has everything that homeowners need to finish the job right.

Bathroom Additions

While bathrooms have a practical purpose in your home, they can also serve as a space to relax and unwind. Living in a space with too few bathrooms can quickly become a point of contention in a household. Whether you’re in need of an extra half bath or full bathroom, we can create a bathroom crafted just for you.

Closet Additions

If the closets in your home are not working properly or they’re causing the mess to fester, we can help you refine the space. Whether you’re in need of a new hallway closet or you want that walk-in closet of your dreams for the master bedroom, our residential home renovations team delivers functional closets that look great and keep your belongings organized.

Laundry Room Additions

Many homeowners wish there was a dedicated room in their home for laundry; that wish can come true when working with us. For larger families, this extra room is often necessary to help manage everyone’s clothing. We can either turn an existing room into a laundry room or build a home addition that matches the style of your interior design.


Unlike other home additions, sunrooms are not designed to be permanent living areas. Instead, they are best used as a dining room, reading nook, indoor garden, or lounge area. Sunrooms boast multiple windows and glass doors to let in natural light, so homeowners can bask in the beauty that Palmetto Bluff or Savannah has to offer.

Kitchen Additions

Kitchens are one of the main focal points of your home and are a place to gather with loved ones, so you can bond over a fresh home-cooked meal. Expanding your kitchen ensures you can cook with plenty of space for guests walking around you. Kitchen additions can give you much-needed space without making sacrifices from the rest of your home.